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      Who we serve

      Healthcare in the right direction


      Finally, you have a real care alternative

      Family members

      Stay well informed from anywhere


      Reach the doctor on demand


      Serve your patients and improve your professional satisfaction

      Practice owners

      Attract and engage new and existing patients

      Practice billers

      Capture chronic care management codes


      Promote connected care beyond your walls

      Inpatient rehabilitation

      Decreased readmissions means increased referrals

      Skilled nursing

      Experience improved care continuity and communication

      Assisted living

      Keep your residents well-served and healthy

      Home health care

      Enjoy physician-directed responsive care

      Adult communities

      Choose direct on-site physician visits


      Offer a no-cost employee benefit

      Health insurance

      Increase your population served

      Device makers

      Remote monitoring is our lifeblood and is here to stay

      Data analysts

      Conduct clinical inquires utilizing robust data

      A true comprehensive primary care alternative.

      We aim to serve all your primary care needs in a simplified, personalized, and convenient manner while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our practice has been designed for seamless communication with family and caregivers, and provide you with direct continuity of care wherever you are. This includes hospital, adult or assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, and inpatient rehabilitation facility coverage. Finally, you have a true comprehensive primary care alternative.

      Primary Care Reimagined

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