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      How it works

      It’s as easy as 1-2-3

      1. Get established

      Come to the office for an initial evaluation.  We will obtain a medical history and perform a physical examination.  We will also discuss membership and how it could best work for you.  Let us earn your trust.


      2. Get comfortable

      Continue to come to the office for ongoing primary care.  Membership is never required.  Whether you are a member or not, we will bill your insurance for any face-to-face care rendered in the office or at your preferred location.

      3. Get access

      Membership gives you access to full-service care onsite or online without the need for office visits, as well as in-house lab draws, medical marijuana, and priority scheduling.  You will only need to come in to see us for issues not appropriate for remote care.  Next time, your place.

      Full-service primary care anytime on demand

      Return to the office as many times as you wish without obligation to join as a member. Membership will remain your choice. When you decide to become a member, you then enjoy the convenience of full-service primary care anytime on demand by phone, text, or video. All patients regardless of membership can come to the office during our office hours and enjoy our hospital and post-acute care rounding services. Specializing in adult medicine and geriatrics, we serve all patients ages 12 and up in the Sarasota area and beyond.

      Primary Care Reimagined

      Reach us anytime. 

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